Hello & Welcome

I’m Moraa and I’m so delighted you took your time to stop by. I love books and books love me. I love reading and you will often find me reading something; a book, blog, magazine, newspaper. This is the space where I unleash my thoughts on books, life, journaling, vulnerability, travelling, writing, running, podcasts, faith and sometimes parenthood. Lately, I am learning on getting a better understanding of death and grief and healing. So, occasionally I will share what I have learned.

First, My Beliefs

I strongly believe that whatever questions I have, I will always find my answers in books. I simply need to read the right books at the right time. And sometimes it can take time to get that magic book but when I finally get it, everything clicks. Our world needs more kindness, empathy, gentleness and understanding. And if I was granted just one wish in my lifetime, then it could be for our world to have boundless kindness.

Why The Cultured Reader

I started this blog to combine my love for reading and writing. Whenever I read a memorable book, I longed to have someone to discuss it with. I wanted to recommend the book to everyone. My sister has always been the first person I talked to about any good book. But with time, I found talking wasn’t enough. I wanted more. I started writing down my thoughts on every book I read. The writing could often turn into journaling. With time I realised, my personal character is constantly being influenced by the books I read. There are books that have changed my life like; Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Books that have healed me like, The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene’ Brown. The Road to Character by David Brooks a book that assured me everything will be alright. And I thought, if I could simply share just one book that will change someone’s life. That will make someone smile. That will comfort readers. I could have done my act of kindness. But I also want to rant and rave about books. I want to have non-stop conversations about the books you love. So, I am hoping we shall indulge each other in literary discourse. My goal with this blog is to inspire you to pick up a book, any book and simply read. Then pick another book and continue reading. Reading is a wonderful journey. My hope is that the books you pick will bring positivity and laughter and growth in your life as they have in mine. And above all, I pray that my writing will inspire you to be more kind, more empathic, gentler, more understanding.

Happy Reading!