By Moraa, Created on 3rd Oct 2021

The whole time I was reading The Love Hypothesis I was grinning big time. The ridiculous grinning that prompted everybody around me into giving me the ‘get hold of yourself’ face. The grinning that was visible even on my masked face. But you know what, I didn’t give a darn! The dialogue among the characters was effortlessly written and flawlessly executed. Whatever mood you happen to be in-once you start reading this book-that mood will transform. It is the book you want to pick up when you are grumpy. It is the book to read when you are deliriously happy. It is the book to be read when fed up with life. It is the book you want to pick up after a long tiresome work week. What I am subtly trying to say is; it is the book for all seasons and all moods!


There is only one author whose writing I describe as effortless, Sally Thorne. I try my best to avoid using this adjective-effortless- because writing a lot of work! I should know. But reading Ali Hazelwood writing felt nothing but effortless.


This is an insanely good book. Particularly, the banter, the friendships, the science lingo used throughout the book, most importantly the chemistry between Olive and Adam, the characters are so likable. It is a wholesome book. I know I will be re-reading it before the year ends.


You got to read this book! And if still in doubt, slide in my DM for more convincing please.