By Moraa, Created on 24th Jan 2023

I met BETT in 2018 at Biko’s Masterclass. I had been reading her work for some time and it felt destined to finally meet the face behind the wonderful stories I read in the daily nation.

Before that masterclass, I was merely a consumer of her work. I liked the humuor and simplicity in her writing. But after that Masterclass, something changed. I liked the person who wrote my newspaper stories.  

I was ENCHANTED by her mainly because;

✨ She knew every participant by name. She had taken the time to know her audience from the emails we sent her. So, meeting in person was also her way of putting faces to the people she was communicating with via email.

✨ Her writing journey. To put it more aptly, her career journey -the change from a high-paying corporate job to a beginner writer.

I have witnessed growth in her writing career. I have experienced -through writing- her struggles with writing and making a decent living out of it. 

Through BETT, I have WITNESSED the joy and contentment that comes with having a career in which passion and effort find flow. 

I can CONFESS I have read almost everything she has written. And she writes so damn FANTASTIC.

At this point, I am a full-fledged true Bett fan.🤎

I have read her two books, SHOULD I and HOW MUCH? She explores our unnerving thoughts on money in detail and with clarity. My favourite topic is when she answers questions about retirement. When we are in our 20s and 30s, we easily postpone planning for retirement. We can’t imagine ourselves being 60. Yet, from data and our relatives and society, we know people who can’t manage their life after retirement.

She answers questions like;

✨  How much should you be saving for retirement per month?

✨  What are the best options to invest your retirement money?

✨  How will inflation affect your money and by how much?

✨  When should you start? And when you are in self-employment like me, coming face to face with these questions can be daunting. Yet, her words assure me that it is accomplishable. Reading the books, you get a deep perception that Bett BELIEVES and DESIRES each of us should and can be good with money.

Her message is aligned with her mission.

READ the BOOKS and thank me later. @_craftit thank you for your wise words, the simplicity in breaking down our money questions, and your honesty and vulnerability in sharing your money life. We appreciate it. I appreciate it. 🤎